YB Live at Whiskey a Go Go: Wrap Up!

IMG_3767 copyRidiculously awesome Korean rock outfit, YB brought their spellbinding vocals and insane guitar riffs to LA before heading over to SXSW (for the fourth time!). Where did they play? The only place that a group of their caliber should play and that’s at the iconic venue, Whisky a Go Go, where other rock greats like The Doors, Led Zeppelin and Alice Cooper have graced that legendary stage.

The Whiskey was packed full of loyal YB fans, much to the surprise of Yoon Do Hyun himself, who exclaimed during the show that he was shocked to see so many faces in the audience! But, many faces there were, ready to sing back all of YB’s hits and newer singles to the delight of the band. IMG_3658 copyThis show kicked off the group’s series of shows in Austin, TX at SXSW, where they have been consistently invited back year after year; an amazing feat for a Korean band that is not all that well known in America. YB guitarist, Scott Hellowell, mentioned during our interview that it felt like, even though they were a well established band in Korea, YB is a new band here in America. But, we have a feeling that will soon change as more people are exposed to YB’s impressive catalog of music!

IMG_3726 copyBefore their set at the Whiskey, we were able to sit down with both Yoon Do Hyun and Scott Hellowell for a short (and fun!) interview! We will share it with you as soon as we can! In the meantime, check out all of our photos from the concert on our Facebook page! And, if you want to stay close to the band and their concerts, check out their Facebook page and Twitter! ^_^

*UPDATE (3/17/15)! Here’s our exclusive interview with Yoon Do Hyun and Scott Hellowell from YB! Hope you enjoy it! ^_^