Winners Announced for the 5th Annual Dramafever Awards!

The 3,239,506 votes have been tallied, and the winners for the 5th Annual Dramafever Awards have been announced! Voters got to peruse the different categories, ranging from the typical, like “Best Actor” and “Best Variety Show” to the more quirky, like “Best Bromance” and “Best Eating Scene”!

As always, Dramafever is using the VR method of declaring the winners in each category, which is nice since it also shows off some of the nominees dramas you might not have been able to catch yet! Some of the videos even end with a special shoutout from the winner themselves! Take a look at our favorite categories! ⬇️

BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR (Acceptance Speech at the end…😍)

BEST BROMANCE (Acceptance speech at the end too!)

BEST KISS (You guessed it…acceptance speech ~ yasssss)

RISING STAR (Acceptance speech by winner! Huzzah!)

BEST BAD BOY (Yup, this one has an acceptance speech too! So much yes!)

For a full list of winners, check out the official Dramafever Awards page! Were the winners what you expected? Have you seen every single nominee?




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