Why KCON 2013 Is Gonna Rock!


Hellooooo peeps!

We’re sure everyone in the Kpop-universe knows about MNET’s huge Kpop convention taking place in L.A., KCON! We just thought we would compile a list of some of the things you can look forward to while attending this year!

1) Awesome Performances


Some of the artists performing this year include heavyweights in the Kpop industry, like G-Dragon, 2AM and EXO! Their shows are sure to impress! But, let’s not forget that there is another stage, besides the main stage…and the talent showcased there is top notch as well! This year, we will be able to catch the feisty female MC, Shin-B, and classical Kpop lover, Jung Sun Ahn!

2) Panels


Last year, the panels were a huge hit, and for good reason! They brought Kpop fans closer to their favorite artists and revealed to them some of the insider insight into what happens in the Kpop world! This year promises to up the ante with appearance by Kpop veteran Bekah, most recently from After School, and Henry from Super Junior-M, who will be there to promote his newest film, “Final Recipe”!

3)  Food Trucks

Disclaimer: We're not promising that there will be traditional Korean street food available at KCON...but wouldn't it be cool is there was? ^_^

Disclaimer: We’re not promising that there will be traditional Korean street food available at KCON…but wouldn’t it be cool is there was? ^_^

We LOVE food! Especially Korean food! If you don’t believe us, check this video out…

Anywho, food brings people together, and what’s better than discussing who has the coolest onstage wardrobe while congregating and noshing on some fine Korean eats? Also, since it’s in Downtown L.A. this year, you can bet that  some awesome meals on wheels will park their trucks for us all to enjoy!

4) Party Time!


They are having a Pre-Party AND and After-Party this year, so you can mingle with some of the guests of honor, like DJ Koo, before the convention starts and then tell them how awesome they were after the convention ends! Fun times…

We know there are a lot more reasons why KCON will rock this year, but you know, we don’t have time to list them all! Lol…

Be sure to check out KCON USA’s official website: http://kconusa.com/home

See you there! ^_^

P.S. Here’s the latest event schedule! —–> http://kconusa.com/program#.UhPJ82Sc66c