About Us!

Nice to meet you! We are Cristina and Daniela, a.k.a the Nutty Nomads! We are sisters who love Kpop, Kdrama, and making videos! We have been lucky enough to get the chance to interview artists like Got7, Vixx, Eric Nam, YB, Vibe, 4Men and more! (More of our interviews can be found here!)

We have a series on Dramafever.com called “Adventures in K-drama Land” where we explore the famous K-drama cliches that have existed since the dawn of K-drama itself! Check it out if you’re a fan of the genre!

We were also lucky enough to collaborate with Buzzfeed’s “The Try Guys” at KCON 2015! We tried to teach them all about K-drama, but that’s hard to do with so little time!

Here are some links to some interviews we’ve done in case you want to know more!

Imprint Culture Lab Interview

Kultscene Interview

Thanks for stopping by! If you spot us at any events in your area, be sure to come say hi! ^_^

Until Next Time!

Cristina and Daniela

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P.P.S Here’s another video in case you were still curious! ^_^



One thought on “About Us!

  1. Hi, girls! It’s Friday afternoon for me here in Wilmington, and I thought I would check out your site for the latest posts. Guess it’s all about KCON, huh? Hope you have some good stuff lined up to do! Jal-ga