Wanna Be a Kpop Star?? Upcoming US Auditions!

If your dream is to become a Kpop star, but can’t make it all the way to Korea, don’t worry! It looks like some of the best Kpop companies are coming to you! Check out some global auditions heading your way!



This celebrated reality series is heading back to the United States to find some fresh talent for their upcoming season! Auditions will be held in San Francisco, Seattle, LA, Boston and NYC. Hopefuls can apply from now all the way up to the day of the audition in their location. The application can be found here!

Be sure to send the finished application to the email address associated with the city you want to audition in!

NEW YORK (Sept. 3rd) : kpop_ny@sbs.co.kr

LA (Sept. 3rd): kpop_la@sbs.co.kr

SEATTLE (Sept. 10th): kpop_sea@sbs.co.k

SAN FRANCISCO (Sept. 10th): kpop_sf@sbs.co.k

BOSTON (Sept. 7th): kpop_bos@sbs.co.kr

Don’t forget to bring a copy of your application and a proper form of ID with you to the audition, as well as a copy of the filled out agreement form.

The winners of this show will receive 300 million won and the chance to create an album with JYP, YG or Antenna!

For more info, check out SBS’s KPOP STAR site!


JYP is opening auditions in Los Angeles, San Francisco, NYC and Toronto! The dates are as follows:

LA – 9/21-10/3

SAN FRANCISCO – 10/4-10/10

NYC – 10/11 – 10/17

TORONTO – 10/18-10/24

More info can be found on their official audition site here!

Here’s their official Facebook page as well!

13987508_1257876837558704_5118503503689948317_oJELLYFISH GLOBAL AUDITION IN LA

Vixx’s, GuGudan and Seo In Guk’s company, Jellyfish Entertainment, is to hold auditions in Los Angeles in September!

Date: September 25th, 2016

Location: 690 Wilshire Place, LA, 90005

You can apply on-site between 10am and 4pm!

Check out their Facebook page for more info!


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