VIXX at Otakon 2012!

This event was one of the most fun, unexpected, and hectic shoots we have ever found ourselves on….but we are so happy that it happened! Imagine our surprise, when while working with MNET America, we found ourselves catapulted all the way to the other side of the U.S. to film and interview then unknown kpop newbies, VIXX, as they performed for the first time in America.


They were so sweet! They even posed with us after the interview! Vixx hwaiting! ^_^

We had never interviewed any idols before, so we were a little nervous, but we knew it would be fun and the fact that our boss put so much faith in our abilities made us ecstatic! So, we packed our bags and flew towards Otakon in Baltimore, the biggest Anime Convention on the East Coast!

What unfolded was magical! We had the privilege of meeting VIXX, walking around Otakon with them, interviewing them and filming their concert! Check out our official video and bonus video for plenty of cute moments with the boys of VIXX! ^_^