[Video] KCON 2013!

2AM walks the Red Carpet!

2AM walks the Red Carpet!

Well, KCON 2013 is over. Now what do we do with ourselves?!? Personally, we feel that his year’s KCON was an exciting and exhausting whirlwind, full of fun fan engagements and informative panels! This year, we were working with MNET again as correspondents for “Danny From L.A.” (so if you watch the show, be sure to look for our segment! ^_^), and spent most of our time rushing around in circles, trying to get to all of the events to film and interview as much as possible! Cristina got sunburnt, and Daniela’s arms were sore, but it was still a super fun experience!

Exo2 copy

Exo! We are one! They all fit on the red carpet somehow! ^_^ <3

While shooting for MNET, we had a little time to visit fan engagements that we really wanted to capture! Here is our video made up from footage we were able to grab while filming both days! Enjoy! Don’t fangirl too hard now…^_^