“Blade Man” & “The Greatest Marriage”

IMG_9664We have a couple new videos in our “Trailer Talk” series! Check out our breakdown of the trailers for the upcoming Dramafever releases of “Blade Man” starring Lee Dong Wook, and the romantic comedy, “The Greatest Marriage”.




Blade Man:

Lee Dong Wook plays the main lead, who has given up on being nice since he’s had his heart broken. But, the side effect to his extremely  “prickly” nature is that he has developed the ability to have knives pop out from his body! What do you guys think of this idea? Would you green light it?

The Greatest Marriage:

This Korean drama follows the lives of different couples as they struggle with life and love’s ups and downs! There is even a character who decides to become a single mother! One main reason we want to watch this drama? No Min Woo of course…

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