[Ticket Giveaway] LA-Kpop Festival!


We’re pleased to announce that we have 10 VIP tickets and 2 PIT tickets to give away for the LA Kpop Festival happening in Los Angeles this weekend! Dramafever was kind enough to sponsor our giveaway, so be sure to give them some social media love as well! There are a few ways you can enter! Here are the rules!

For VIP Tickets: (5 pairs)

Facebook entries:

  • Share the picture of our giveaway announcement!
  • We’ll announce the winners on our Facebook page on Thursday night at 8:00pm!

Twitter entries:

  • Retweet our tweets about the giveaway!
  • We’ll announce the twitter winners by tweet on Thursday night at 8:00pm!

For PIT Tickets: (1 pair) 

Since these tickets are SO special, you’ll have to work a little harder for these babies! Here are the special rules for the one pair of VIP tickets we have to give away!

  • Browse our videos on our Youtube page, then send us a screenshot of you via Twitter or Facebook watching your favorite video of ours from our Youtube page! Be sure to tell us why it’s your favorite! ^_^
  • We’ll announce the winner of the PIT tickets on our Facebook page on Thursday night at 8:00pm!

Good luck to everyone! And we hope to see you at the LA Kpop Festival! ^_^