The 626 Night Market is Happening This Weekend…Are Your Stomachs Ready?

The Nom Bomg Sandwich w/Tofu

The Nom Bomg Sandwich w/Tofu (Okamoto Kitchen)

Not to say that the only thing to do at the 626 Night Market is eat, but that is definitely the main reason thousands of guests flood the Santa Anita Park in Arcadia during the weekend of this event! We love visiting the huge festival that celebrates and showcases the most tantalizing Asian foods as well as offers various vendor and entertainment options.

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Cosplay Contest at 626 Night Market in 2014. Photo by Jung Kim

Cosplay Contest at 626 Night Market in 2014. Photo by Jung Kim

One event we’re excited to see is this time is the Cosplay Contest, which will be taking place on Sunday, Aug. 7th from 8pm-9:15pm! The contest will be hosted by cosplaying cuties Peter Adrian and Yoshi Sudarso! Cosplaying hopefuls should make their way to the mainstage at 7:30pm to sign up, and believe us, you’ll want to sign up since they are offering cash prizes for the categories of “Best Performance”, “Best Group” and “Best Costume”! Another bonus of attending the Night Market in full cosplay? You’ll get FREE ADMISSION and DISCOUNTS at various vendors! For a full list, visit the Cosplay Contest page!

Some of our favorite food vendors are going to be making an appearance as well, including Okamoto Kitchen, Takoyaki Tanota, and the Bibimbap Backpackers! Here is as full DIRECTORY of who will be there to feed and entertain the masses this weekend!

Cinanmon-sugar churros from Ridges Churro Bar! Other flavors: Nutella Nut, Fruity Pebbles, Toasted Almonds, Salted Caramel, to name a few!

Ridges Churros

Want the details? Check below!


HOURS: FRI & SAT 4pm-1am, SUN 4pm-11pm

LOCATION: Santa Anita Park, 285 W. Huntington Drive, Arcadia, CA 91007

See you this weekend! ^_^





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