Kevin Woo Leaves UKISS

Slowly, ourĀ era of K-pop is fading away. When we got into K-pop, Ukiss was a popular staple, a group we never really thought would change and would stand the test of time. Seems there’s always a breaking point, and yesterday, … Continue reading 

Kpop Stars Say “Happy Valentine’s Day!”

It’s that time of year again, where roses and chocolates go on sale in bulk and jewelry stores try to sell you the fantasy of the “perfect” Valentine’s day, brought to you by a flawless 24 carat diamond necklace! Phew… … Continue reading 

Kpop Concert List! 2014

Nothing beats the feeling of finally getting the chance to see your favorite Kpop idols in the flesh! We love going to concerts, and we’re sure you do to, which is why we put together this information for everyone! So … Continue reading