Power Rangers Revamp Introduces Us To Actor, Ludi Lin!

Lionsgate’s re-telling of the beloved cult television series, “Power Rangers” is now playing in┬átheaters! We grew up watching the series every morning on our way to school, so it holds a nostalgic place in our hearts. We admit, we were … Continue reading 

The King : Signed Postcard Giveaway!

The Korean political crime-thriller, The King, is still going strong at the Korean box office three weeks after its initial release, for good reason! We were able to preview the film thanks to OnDemandKorea and KBS America at the brand … Continue reading 

Attack on Titan: U.S. Theatrical Release!

For all you Japanese manga/anime lovers out there, we’re sure you’ve heard of the runaway hit, “Attack on Titan”! We’re also sure you know that the series has been turned into a live-action film! But…did you know that there will … Continue reading