“Let Me Out” Red Carpet Premiere!

Through some magic, not of our own, we were able to score media passes to attend the U.S. premiere of the Korean indie feature, “Let Me Out”! Both the director, Jae Soh, and main actor, Kwon Hyun-Sang graced the red … Continue reading 

“Let Me Out” Signed Poster Giveaway!

While we were attending the L.A. premiere of the Korean indie flick, “Let Me Out”, we were fortunate enough to have one of our promotional posters signed by the main actor, Kwon Hyun-Sang! One of our lucky followers will have … Continue reading 

Kwon Hyun Sang to Attend L.A. Premiere of “LET ME OUT”!

This Friday, Aug. 16th, Korean actor, Kwon Hyun Sang will attend the L.A. premiere of the indie flick, “Let Me Out”. The director, Jae Soh, will also be appearing to hold a Q&A session with fans about the film, which … Continue reading