Plus Size Fashion Gains Traction in Korea

There is an overwhelming pressure for thinness in the Western fashion world, and Korea is no different. We constantly are bombarded by images of smiling, skinny Kpop idols and Korean drama actors and actresses who are touted as the pinnacles … Continue reading 

[PMX 2015] Fashion Show! : PHOTOS

We attended PMX’s prestigious Fashion Show! It was a beautifully curated catwalk, highlighting some of the latest (and cutest) fashions from Japan! Check out our photos below and be inspired! dolldelight  Fancy Kitten, White Forest and Lief Haenuli  R-SERIES  Xenon & Mazo Punk … Continue reading 

Audrey Fashion Show 2015: Wrap-Up!

Last Saturday, we had the fun opportunity to check out Audrey Magazine’s Annual Fashion Show! We started the night on their red carpet, interviewing various stars and VIP guests as they made their way into the show hall. We talked … Continue reading 

Nutties Review: The YesStyle Fashion App! + Contest

Asian online fashion power house, YesStyle (, is the go-to place for purchasing fun fashions Korea and other countries, but of course, we’re sure you already knew that…But maybe what you didn’t know was that YesStyle has a stunning app … Continue reading