#DailyCute: Free Hugs in Kyoto!

Hugs are a universal symbol of love and trust, which is not something that can be said about the historical relations between Japan and Korea. But, student Suyeon Youn decided to put her ideals to the test as she hit the … Continue reading 

#DailyCute: Grumpy Girl with Squeaky Shoes!

How can this be so cute?!? Obviously the little girl featured in this video was angry about something, but it was really, really, really hard to take her seriously while she was storming away in an adorable pair of squeaky … Continue reading 

#DailyCute: Cat Jewelry!!

We happened to stumble upon this adorable website called Meowingtons today! Boy, are we glad we did! They are stocked with cute kitty inspired designs, including jewelry, clothing and household items (like pillows)! We couldn’t help but squee while scrolling though the … Continue reading