Street Churros: Taking Over the World One Churro at a Time!

Street Churros is hard to miss. From their catchy name to their “mint green” color scheme, it’s easy to sense that you’ve stumbled upon something delicious! We were invited to try out some delicious items from their pretty impressive menu, while also chatting about the history of the eatery as well as their constant pursuit of spreading happiness through food. Brian An, Chief Marketing Officer and Director of Business Development, was happy to share the story of the accidental creation of Street Churros in South Korea.

“Our CEO had a couple of different ventures before he started Street Churros. His goals were always to improve what was around. He started with a tea place, where he made sure he had super-high quality tea. He started making medicinal wine which matched really well with churros, so then he started selling churros….The churros started selling better than the wine.”

After figuring out that the Korean public preferred to order the sweet treat, rather than the medicinal wine, the CEO made a decision. Brian stated that the CEO mused,

If I’m going to make churros, I don’t want to do the traditional frozen…kind that they sell at amusement parks….We’re going to make it gourmet and make it artisanal so that our customers can enjoy a really hot, fresh churro at a reasonable price.”

And boy, are we glad he came to that decision! The menu at Street Churros really is a marvel, with everything from a plain churro, churros dipped in ice cream, and grape juice drinks to a churro hot dog! Check out the video below to get more of a sense of it all!

But, Street Churros is not only after conquering the world of dessert through their churros! They also want to make the world a better place. Brian explained to us that the company was going to begin selling a new piece of clothing that would try and help those who need it most.

 “Our CEO is really into humanitarianism. He thinks that bettering the world, whether it’s through churros, or some other way we can come up with, that’s his life dream…He decided that we would sell these hats to the public…, and if you purchase a hat here, we’re going to donate 10 churros for every hat purchase to local food banks,…schools and orphanages…We want to spread our churros, but at the same time we really want people to eat good food and be happy, bringing a smile to their faces any way possible.”  

Don’t live near Hollywood? That’s ok! The Street Churros Food Truck will be rolling out soon! Brian let us know that we wouldn’t have to look very far!

“We have a food truck that goes around all throughout Los Angles County, Santa Monica, Downtown, Ktown, all over the place! So keep a look out for the “mint truck”!”

We also have a treat for potential Street Churros customers! The Street Churros team was kind enough to set us up with a coupon code just for you! If you head over to the store and show them this coupon, then you will receive a special promotion! Be sure to say hello to Brian for us and enjoy your Street Churros experience!




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