Song Joong Ki Enlisting in Army on Aug. 27th


Say it ain’t so! Popular actor and variety show darling, Song Joong Ki, is going to enter his mandatory military service in Korea starting on the 27th of this month! Why do we have to wait 2 years before seeing his boyishly adorable face on screen again!?! Life isn’t fair sometimes!


He stole our hearts in “A Werewolf Boy” as an extremely handsome, abandoned military experiment who finds love…and stole them again as a hopelessly poor playboy wannabe in the comedy “Penny Pinchers”. Also, his stint on “Running Man” was a great way to see his personality in variety, and his adorable friendship with the “treacherous giraffe” himself, Lee Gwang Soo! He had us rooting for him all the way! So, to honor this lovely boy as he heads into the service, we just wanted to share cute pictures of him and funny video clips!


Here’s a STAR DATE clip showcasing an interview with Song Joong Ki, complete with a BTS  look on the set of a his CF for bags. The concept for the shoot was supposedly a “bad boy” with a designer bag, but we see no signs of deviant behavior! He talks about Lee Gwang Soo winning Star Date’s “Promising Star 2013” award at the 3:20 mark! BTW, can we just mention how cute their friendship is?

Bonus Video:

Here’s Lee Gwang Soo’s response to what Joong Ki said in the earlier Star Date interview! Check it out at the 1:30 and 4:50 marks!

We’ll be eagerly waiting for your return to the silver screen! Stay safe Song Joong Ki! ^_^