Snackfever Unboxing!

If you haven’t heard of SnackFever yet, you should check them out! Snack enthusiasts and Korean-culture addicts alike can really appreciate their service, especially since it means that you are able to try the best and most exclusive of Korean snacks from the comfort of your own home! Now, we’re lucky that we live near Koreatown, so if we ever have a hankering, we just hop in the car and head on over, but now, those of you who live in different parts of the United States can also get a taste of Korean food culture.

We were invited to visit the Snackfever offices in Koreatown last week, and to our joy, they let us unbox some of their delicious boxes! There were a variety of snacks inside, not just chips, but ramen, drinks and candies as well! It really was fascinating since we had never seen some of the snacks before, as they also include exclusive snacks that are not available anywhere except in Korea, until now.

Check out our unboxing video below!

If you would like to give Snackfever a try, we have a couple of coupon codes we can share with you!




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