Running Man Brothers Concert: Kim Jong Kook and Haha Bring the Fun to California

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Haha and Kim Jong Kook ignite the stage

Kim Jong Kook and Haha, co-stars and friends from the super popular Korean variety show, “Running Man” made a visit to Fantasy Springs Casino to host a joint concert to the delight of fans on this side of the globe!We are lucky enough to only live about 2 hours away from the venue, but lots of people traveled from outside of California just to catch a glimpse of these two prominent figures in Korean entertainment.

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Haha prepares to cover the Reggae classic, “No Woman, No Cry”

The night of the concert was buzzing. There were concert goers of all ages and backgrounds shuffling towards their seats, armed with glow sticks and signs to try and convey their love of the two men. Right before the concert got underway, a short congratulatory video played in the background. Lee Gwang Su gave a long shootout as well as the other members of Running Man, lending their voices in support of their cast mates’ concert in the U.S.

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Kim Jong Kook is joined onstage by Mikey, formerly of Turbo

Once Kim Jong Kook and Haha finally appeared on stage, the crowd went wild! The two performers would switch off between solo stages, complete with a special stage featuring Kim Jong Kook and Mikey for a short Turbo reunion! Haha heated up the stage by bringing his Korean-style Reggae music complete with dancers and giant Korean and Jamaican flags waved together during his sets. Kim Jong Kook wooed the audience by singing many of his hit ballads.

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Kim Jong Kook temporarily transforms into a Trot singer

Overall, the night was a huge success, and the popularity of Running Man and the two men was apparent! We hope to see more Running Man members make their way over to the U.S. for concerts and fan meets, or just to hang out!

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Kim Jong Kook goes into the crowd to greet his fans

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Here’s our video from the concert! Enjoy!