“Let Me Out” Red Carpet Premiere!

Through some magic, not of our own, we were able to score media passes to attend the U.S. premiere of the Korean indie feature, “Let Me Out”! Both the director, Jae Soh, and main actor, Kwon Hyun-Sang graced the red carpet with their presence and stopped to answer a few of our questions! We also spoke with other celebrities as they made their way into the Downtown Independent Theatre.


Dramafever, one of the main sponsors of the event, was kind enough to send us a bunch of freebies and swag that we were able to pass out to some lucky attendees! But, the swag came at a price…tell us which plot in literature or film would benefit from adding ZOMBIES into the mix! We got some hilarious and clever answers!

Check out the video above and be part of the fun! Enjoy! ^_^