Power Rangers Revamp Introduces Us To Actor, Ludi Lin!

Lionsgate’s re-telling of the beloved cult television series, “Power Rangers” is now playing in theaters! We grew up watching the series every morning on our way to school, so it holds a nostalgic place in our hearts. We admit, we were a little worried about the project when we heard that the re-make was happening, but turns out we were pleasantly surprised after getting a sneak peak at the final picture!

This film promises to attract a new batch of Power Rangers fans, as well as appease the hardcore fans, but it is clear to us that the intent was to speak to the younger generation of today, tackling issues of social acceptance, self-discovery and teamwork.

During a quick press conference after the screening, we heard from veteran actors Elizabeth Banks and Bill Hader, but we also met some new faces. Actor Ludi Lin, who plays the Black Ranger, is a promising young Chinese-Canadian actor who blew us away during the film with his portrayal of Zach. When asked where he went to find inspiration for his role, Ludi answered, “I didn’t go back to the original American series, but I did go back to watch a few episodes of the original Super Sentai series from the Japanese t.v. show, and it kind of inspired me to think about how different things could be, because in that show, everything was different! It gave me a lot of motivation to actually put my own creativity into these characters rather than follow some convention or memory.”

Ludi also had some hopes on how the younger audiences of today would receive the film. “I do hope a lot of young kids go and see this movie and I hope they feel how I felt when I watched super heroes on screen as a kid, and I hope that through this movie they get something more, and the most important message I hope that they get is it’s ok to be yourself. Your imperfections are the things that make you unique and make you stand out and as long as you find people around you that are good, that accept you for your imperfections and accept you for yourself, you guys can get together and do something better.”

After watching the movie, we have to admit that we were pleasantly surprised at how much we enjoyed it! Of course there are little morsels for fans of the original series to notice, but this film gives the Power Rangers a new birth, that we feel is going to keep the franchise going for years to come!

Will you go and check out the new faces of Power Rangers? You can bet we’ll be keeping an eye on Ludi Lin, as we see quite a bright future ahead for him in Hollywood!




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