[PMX2015]: Femme Fatale Interview!

While we attended PMX2015 this year, we had the opportunity to chat a little bit with official musical Guests of Honor, Femme Fatale! They held a live concert the first night of PMX and really brought their all as they performed an energetic set that had their fans screaming the entire time! Let’s get to know them a little better!


NN: We saw your show last night and it was really awesome! Congrats on your first U.S. show! Thank you for coming to PMX 2015! Could you please introduce yourselves and add a fun fact about yourself?

Kaya: I’m Kaya, the vocalist.IMG_0399

Toshi: I’m Toshi on the bass, and it’s my first time in the states. It’s really easy to get acclimated and it’s amazing so far!

Iori: I’m Iori. I’m lead guitarist and my grandfather is actually American, so I feel like I’ve kinda returned home.

TaNa: I’m TaNa, a guitarist as well, and this is the first time I’ve actually left Japan, so I’m very happy to be here.

NN: What was the inspiration behind the name Femme Fatale?

Kaya: When I was doing my solo act, this [was] an over-arching theme and I feel that what we want to achieve as a band is intertwined with “fate” and we wanted a name that was equally as strong [as that feeling].

NN: Are there any characters or people in real life that you consider a Femme Fatale?

Toshi: Kaya!


Kaya: Thank you!

Toshi: He changed all of our fates so it’s clear that he’s a fate changer!

NN: Is there a favorite of memorable spot that you’ve performed so far?IMG_0406

Toshi: One that I can think of right away is a live performance house called “Blaze” in Shinjuku. Ever since we formed, it was a dream of ours to play there and the day that we actually did, was a dream come true and left a strong impression on me.

Tana: And equally our performance last night as well.

Kaya: Since it’s our first overseas performance as a band, it’s really left an impression on us.

NN: Is there anywhere you would like to perform next?

Kaya: Not just Japan, but I think as a band, we want to spread what we do very globally. Not just in LA, but at a point if we could perform in New York and other states as well.

NN: Since this is an Anime convention, do you have any favorite Animes or games you play?

TaNa: DragonQuest!

Iori: Final Fantasy!

TaNa: Slam Dunk!

Toshi: Doraemon!


Kaya: Really?


Kaya: I’m not as familiar with Anime as I am with Shoujo Manga. I do appreciate that very much. There is another intellectual property called Touhou which is a “dojin” shooter. We have sung some songs for that as well so that’s another one that comes to mind.

NN: How is Femme Fatale different from other projects you’ve worked on individually?IMG_0440

Iori: Everything about it is different, but I think there is an overwhelming sense of power and drive behind where we want to be as a group that is different from projects of the past.

NN: Well thank you so much for talking with us!

Femme Fatale: Thank you!


To check out some shots we took at their PMX concert, visit our FB page!

To learn more about Femme Fatale, check out their website!