Plus Size Fashion Gains Traction in Korea

Plus size model and founder of “66100” Magazine, Kim Gee-Yang

There is an overwhelming pressure for thinness in the Western fashion world, and Korea is no different. We constantly are bombarded by images of smiling, skinny Kpop idols and Korean drama actors and actresses who are touted as the pinnacles of health and beauty. Which is why it is no surprise that it’s hard for those who don’t fit that Korean ideal to find fashionable clothing in an industry that’s basically sidelined them.

Thankfully, it looks like there is some resistance growing in the form of a budding plus-sized fashion industry revolution! There are more plus-sized models, magazines geared towards plus-sized figures and movements of acceptance in the fashion community. As the average Korean height and weight have increased, the fashion demands have evolved, and with them come the creation of plus sized magazine “66100”, online store “JStyle” and the cheeky men’s fashion blog and store “IMFAT”. Arirang World just released a special video report about this plus-sized fashion movement!

How do you think the fashion industry in Korea will change in the next few years?




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