[Photos] Fashion, Food and Anime : Asian American Expo Recap

This year’s Asian American Expo had to be one of the biggest yet! There were new features and events this year, including Anime Impulse, the Silk Show and the Asian Beer Fest! We, of course, gravitated toward Anime Impulse since that held the most interesting things for us. There were special guests, like cosplay darlings Alodia and Ashley Gosiengfiao, great exhibitors and even a Maid Cafe! We were lucky enough to catch a fashion show that had some truly kawaii pieces, and admired all the awesome cosplayers that were walking around the convention floor. We hope that Anime Impulse becomes a permanent fixture to the Asian American Expo for the foreseeable future!

Another thing that we always love about the Asian American Expo is the food! There is always a great mix of creative and interesting foods that make their way to the festival. Among the different things we tried were the anime-inspired food truck Okamoto Kitchen and churros from Ridges Churro Bar! We’ve always wanted to try Okamoto Kitchen, and we weren’t disappointed! We had their bite-sized B.C.C. croquettes, with a Katsu Curry Sandwich and a Nom Bomb Sandwich. We didn’t leave anything behind…and found ourselves craving more, but sadly, their popularity made it so they were sold out of pretty much everything by the time we came around the second time. Hopefully we’ll run into this truck at another event soon!

Overall, it was a fun event full of deliciousness and excitement! Great job everyone! See you next year!

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