Our Top 5 Moments from KCON 2016 LA Presented by Toyota! : Wrap-Up

Sigh, another KCON season has come and gone, but it didn’t pass without us making some pretty awesome memories! Check out our Top 5 Moments from KCON 2016 LA!

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5) Chocolate Abs Booth (courtesy of Dramafever!):


Photos Courtesy of: http://www.johnremus.com

Dramafever really brought their “A Game” this year (as in AB game)! The fun booth boasted clever t.shirts and K-drama accessories as prizes for their giant K-drama inspired board game, as well as a slew of helpful and handsome, chocolate-ab wielding Oppas! We probably hung out there longer than we should have, but, can you blame us? We are really curious to see what type of shenanigans Dramafever will pull next year!

Check out Dramafever’s KCON Concert Footage here!

4) Our Panel:


Nutty Nomads Insta: @nuttynomads

We were truly excited to be given the chance to moderate the “I’m Foreign and I Live in Korea!” panel this year at KCON LA! Listening to the panelists personal stories of struggle and triumph while taking on the challenge of moving to a completely different country where most did not know much at first, was inspiring and we hope that those who attended the panel felt the same way as we did! Plus, it was great meeting so many new people! We wish them luck with everything as their journeys continue!

Our panelists:

Bonnie Tilland

Charly – Website, Youtube

Courtney – Twitter

Woojong Yi – Youtube

3) K-Variety Games Show Stage:

We felt very blessed to have been able to host stages at KCON this year! But not just any stages, the super-fun ones where participants could win signed merchandise and other goodies just by playing Korean game show games with us! The fans were so sweet, competitive, and beacons of sportsmanship, which made all the games we played even more fun! Thank you for playing with us everyone!

2) Astro Interview:


Nutty Nomads Insta: @nuttynomads

KCON wouldn’t be complete without an artist interview! This year, we were lucky enough to speak with the adorable and super-talented group, ASTRO! They were very sweet during the interview and even signed an album for some lucky Dramafever fan! What did we talk about? Find out below!

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1) MCountdown Concerts:


Photo Courtesy of: KCON 2016


Photo Courtesy of: KCON 2016

How can this NOT be the #1 thing at KCON!? The concerts continue to be the main draw for KCON attendees, and for good reason! It’s a chance to see a lot of your Kpop groups at the same time even though, some would argue, the time is way too short! We really enjoyed getting the chance to see artists like Turbo, Shinee, Astro and Monsta X! Everyone put on such great performances, it was hard to look away or escape for a quick trip to the bathroom for fear of missing anything!

Overall, KCON 2016 was a great success! We heard over 110,000 of you turned out to cheer on your favorite acts, visit panels and meet & greets and eat delicious food! We hope everyone had as great a time as we did and we look forward to doing it all again next year!

Check out our VLOG from Day 1! (More coming soon ~)


Our photos from the Red Carpet are now available here! ^_^


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