Our Interview with The Solutions!

thesolutions_interview_yttnWe recently got the chance to sit down with Korean indie rock quartet, The Solutions! The band is made up of Sol (Vocal), Hansol (Drums), Naru (Guitar) and Ohkyung (Bass). Credited as an indie band in their native South Korea, The Solutions are praised for introducing  the “future pop” sound to their audience.

They’ve rocked the best of the best in Korea, including the Pentaport Rock Festival and the Ansan Rock Festival, but that doesn’t mean they only perform there! They have also taken their sound abroad, rocking global stages like Summer Sonic in Japan, showcasing multiple gigs in Europe, SXSW in Austin last year and now, thanks to Carousel Live, some pretty awesome venues in California!

Here is just a taste of what we spoke about in our interview:

Q: What advice did your friends give you on visiting LA?

Naru: Many people said you have to go to Universal Studios because I like studios so much, and I like Hollywood movies especially. Classics like ET. I’m so looking forward to [going] there.

Sol: One of my friends told me don’t spend time too much in Koreatown. (Laughter)

Cristina: Go exploring!

Naru: Yea, everything is so convenient, it feels like I’m in Korea. It’s kind of weird. (Laughter)

Q: Could you tell us more about your latest song, “Ticket to the Moon”?

Sol: When I wrote this song, I [got my] inspiration from the streets of Paris. Last year we were [on] a Europe[an] tour, so it was very impressive for me, and I imagined two lovers dancing on the moon! I thought that was really romantic. The lyrics are Korean, but everyone can feel the mood I think.

Q: What would you do if you actually had a ticket to the moon?

Sol: I would make a concert: “The Solutions: Ticket to the Moon”.

Naru: With no audience? (Laughter)

Sol: Yea, it will be [a] very expensive concert! (Laughter)

Daniela: $20,000 per ticket! (Laughter)

Naru: Yea, only for [the] rich! (Laughter). I would like to just hang around, feeling the light gravity.

Sol: Moonwalk!

Check out our full (English) interview below to get a sense of this band and the fun atmosphere they create with their music!

It’s not too late to catch the band perform in LA! There are still two shows left on their roster!

The Troubadour (10/28), Ticket Info

The Roxy (11/3), Ticket Info

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