New Kpop Group MVP To Debut This Month!

In addition to a huge number of K-pop comebacks during the month of March, looks like we’ll also be getting a new group to swoon over! MVP is going to be the latest boy group to join the ranks of the Korean entertainment scene!

Backed by PH Entertainment, MVP is set to debut on March 13th during an official showcase and release of their debut MV for their title track “Take It” off of their debut album, “MANIFEST”. The group is made up of seven members, Kang Han, Rayoon, GiTaek, P.K., Jin, Been and Sion. 

If you would like to know more about MVP, never fear! Subkulture is here! They actually just launched their latest venture, SUBK SQRD (SubK Squared) to help international fans learn about new artists from Korea! MVP is the first artist they are helping to promote, and if you would like to see sneak peaks, enter special giveaways and have access to exclusive content, check out their website!

If you’re interested in following the boys during their debut journey, check out their official social media and give them encouraging messages!

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Exciting to see a new group on the scene! Will you be watching MVP?





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