Netflix Working On Another Original Korean Drama, “Kingdom”

And, there will be zombies! Intrigued? The latest addition to the Netflix roster is set to premier sometime in 2018, with prominent names in the Korean entertainment industry already attached to the project. Acclaimed writer Kim Eun-Hee (Signal, Sign) and director Kim Seong-Hun (Tunnel) will partner up to bring Kingdom to life. Here’s how the official press release states the premise:

“[The series]…is set in Korea’s medieval Joseon period where a crown prince is sent on a suicide mission to investigate a mysterious outbreak that leads him to a brutal truth that threatens the kingdom.”

By mixing the already popular genres of historical drama and sci-fi fantasy, we predict that Netflix will have a hit on it’s hands. Writer Kim Eun-Hee also seems particularly excited about the project since it sounds like she’s been eager to make it. She states, “I have been working on Kingdom since 2011. I wanted to write a story that reflects the fears and anxiety of modern times but explored through the lens of a romantic fascination of the historical Joseon period.”

Ok, you got us. We’ll be watching what we hope turns out to be a mix of Walking Dead and Scarlet Heart Ryeo, but with casting decisions still up in the air, can we make a couple of suggestions? So far, the only character we know of is The Crown Prince, so based off of that, here are a couple of names we wanted to throw out there to play that part…

Park Seo Joon – He can be adorable, mischievous or stern, and we think he would make a great hero! Just give him a sword and we’re sure he’ll figure out how to rid the kingdom of those pesky zombies!

Lee Joon Gi – A Joseon-era drama veteran, we know Lee Joon Gi can definitely rock the fashion, and he already has zombie-fighting experience on his resume! Check him out in Resident Evil: The Final Chapter! 

Lee Seung Gi – He would be a pure-hearted prince with a killer smile! He has already showcased his ability with period weapons in Gu Family Book, and wouldn’t this be just the perfect comeback role after he completes his mandatory service?

Are you guys as excited as we are? Hopefully the casting will round this drama out nicely, and we can all confidently add the title to our Netflix queues!






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