Moonstream/Kaya Post AnimeExpo Concert!

Moonstream:Kaya1 copy

We were really excited for this year’s Anime Expo, not only for the awesome Cosplay, specialty merchandise, and drizzling of Kpop we noticed creeping into the venue this year, but also for some of the special featured musical artists, Kaya and Moonstream!

We saw Moonstream perform before at last year’s PMX Pacific Media Expo! You can watch our coverage and their cool performance here!


As a special treat this year, both Kaya and Moonstream hosted a joint concert the last day of AnimeExpo! Fans gathered from far and wide to be a part of this momentous occasion! The show couldn’t have been any more fun if they had planned it that way! Kaya’s vocals are amazing, and Moonstream, as always, put on a great show!

Check out our footage of the event, complete with fan interviews and live show footage! Enjoy!