Lunar Palooza Wows Asian American Expo Crowd!

IMG_1772Saturday the 17th, the first ever Lunar Palooza premiered at the annual Asian American Expo! The show featured a nice mix of local artists as well as established musicians!  Some of the acts we were excited to see were Nylon Pink, Nomtom and Metoo, Jason Chen and Lydia Paek.

Before heading over to the show, we perused the Expo and weaved our way between various food stalls and shopping kiosks. We have been to the Asian American Expo before, but this year, we could definitely tell that there were more people than the last time, who were ready and excited to see the artists that appeared at the Lunar Palooza stage!

IMG_1774We were really excited to see some of these acts live on-stage as we haven’t had the pleasure to see any of them before! A couple of acts legitimately delighted us with how awesome they sounded live: Nomtom & Metoo, and Nylon Pink! Nomtom & Metoo are a duo who rap and sing in Korean. Sometimes they do covers, including Epik High, and sometimes they perform original compositions. Anything they did, we dug. So, look them up on Youtube, and check out what we’re talking about.

IMG_2358We also really liked the rock group, Nylon Pink! They are currently a trio of super-talented rocker chicks that cover Kpop songs as well as sing originals! They ended their set with a cool sounding cover of 2ne1’s, “I Am the Best”! Check out their Youtube channel for more fun songs!

We can confidently say that Lunar Palooza was an event you shouldn’t miss! Hopefully they decide to keep this creative part of the Asian American Expo and continue to bring such talented artists through for your listening pleasure!

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