Los Angeles Korean Festival 2016 Lineup!

The Los Angeles Korean Festival always promises a good time, full of delicious food, awesome vendors, and memorable performances! This year, the performance lineup looks fun as well! Here are some of the acts making an appearance!

Playback (9/23)

Geragida (9/23)


Ulala Session

Hoonia (R&B)

And many more! Check out the festival teaser video!

There are many activities to enjoy this year as well, including the finals of the K-Pop Singing and Dancing Battle on Friday (9/23) and the always entertaining, Grand Parade! And lest we forget the countless vendors who will offer insane discounts on everything from Korean food stuffs to beauty products, the Beer Garden and the scrumptious food alley! We literally can’t wait until festival time!

If you really, really can’t wait, the Los Angles Korean Festival will be having a Kick Off Party at Grand Park on 9/21 @12pm! They will feature the Ansan Korean Music Orchestra with a special tightrope walking performance!

See you all there!

You can check out the performance schedule here!

For more information, be sure to visit the LA Korean Festival’s FB page!



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