Let’s Meet Sweet Singer/Songwriter, Paul Kim!

Last week, we sat down at Cafe Mak in Ktown with up and coming Korean singer/songwriter, Paul Kim! Paul is a very global soul, having studied in both New Zealand and Japan and then ultimately deciding to return to South Korea to pursue his passion for music. He was very personable and excited to be in Los Angeles, stating that he had made it a point to visit In&Out that very morning for breakfast! Our interview was pretty quick, but we learned a lot about this exciting new singer!

He is currently signed with Neuron Music, and has most recently put out his 2nd mini-album called, “Her”. We were impressed with his calm and powerful vocals, and were happy that he gave us a live demonstration of his singing chops during our interview! Even BTS’ leader, Rap Monster highlighted Paul’s song “Ex” on the group’s official twitter back in April 2016!

Keep up with Paul on his official Youtube channel, or his Instagram! We’re sure you’ll fall in love as quickly as we did!




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