Let’s Go PyeongChang 2018: Fam Tour Day 1!

If you’ve seen our collection of videos from our recent stay in Seoul, South Korea, (watch here!), you might have wondered why, in fact, we were there in the first place! We were actually invited on one of KTO’s (Korea Tourism Organization) Fam Tours! This trip’s theme? The PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics! For about 5 days, we toured various areas close to the venues of the Olympics in PyeongChang, so stay tuned for those videos, as we take a closer look at the upcoming Olympic venues and the surrounding cities and what fun, food and activities they have to offer!

On Day 1 of our Fam Tour, we were still in Seoul as we met up with the rest of our tour group. We toured a place called the K-Style Hub, to help familiarize ourselves with Korea and its culture. That was a great spot to be able to get aquatinted with Korean culture, such as food, entertainment and history, as there were multiple exhibits visitors could take advantage of. There was even a “Hanbok Experinece” that we were more than happy to try!

After the K-Style Hub, we walked around the area known as Insadong, a neighborhood still in touch with the traditional way, as most of the street signs still only use Hangul (Korean alphabet) and the stores sell various cultural and historical nick-knacks. We were lucky enough to get to stop and take a break from sightseeing at a traditional Korean tea house. It was a cozy, relaxing experience since we were able to warm ourselves with the aromatic teas as we sought shelter from the rain.

What will we see next? Hint : A lot! This next part of our video series will take us out of Seoul and into the countryside as we visit temples, cherry blossom parks and of course, the Winter Olympic venues! Subscribe to our Youtube channel so you won’t miss a single video!




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