Kwon Hyun Sang to Attend L.A. Premiere of “LET ME OUT”!


This Friday, Aug. 16th, Korean actor, Kwon Hyun Sang will attend the L.A. premiere of the indie flick, “Let Me Out”. The director, Jae Soh, will also be appearing to hold a Q&A session with fans about the film, which is billed as a “zombie coming of age” tale…We are officially intrigued…

If you would like to be part of the fun, be sure to come down to Downtown Independent on Friday! The screening will begin at 9:00pm sharp! Grab your tickets while you can!

By the way…

We will be attending the premiere, as well as interviewing Hyun Sang on the red carpet! We also have a bunch of swag, courtesy of DramaFever, to pass out! Come find us, answer our trivia/random questions and you could take home a memento from the evening! See you there!