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We thought we knew ice cream, but it appears that our expectations were put to the test when we went to try this spot! This time on #KtownEats, we visit the appropriately named dessert destination, CottonHi! Here, they have mixed two of the most beloved and well known staple desserts, and created a unique and delicious concoction! Basically, they pile fluffy, delectable cotton candy on top of light, milk flavored soft-serve. And this is NOT your run-o-the-mill candy floss! Currently, they carry a nice assortment of cotton candy flavors, including chocolate, coffee, and the newest addition, hibiscus!

We were tempted to try the dubiously named Mud Night topped with chocolate cotton candy! It had the milk soft serve base, with raspberry drizzle, bits of cookies and cream, delicately garnished with chocolate flakes and crowned with a mountain of chocolate flavored cotton candy! It was as decadent as you would expect, but at the same time, we didn’t get the feeling of guilt you normally would after partaking in such a treat. Perhaps it’s because of its perfect portion size and the fact that their products are organic (so fancy >_<)!

They have only been open for about three months, but locals have already fallen for CottonHi’s charm! When we asked what the craziest item that people ordered was, the answer was more cotton candy, piled so high that it was as big as the customer’s face! Ordering something like that would require quite the sweet tooth! We really enjoyed our cold treat and hope to be back soon to sample the other delicious looking combinations they have to offer! The store is located in Koreatown off of 6th and Serrano, directly across from Cafe Haus. Be sure to pick up a loyalty card so you can earn some free desserts! Happy eating!


3825 W. 6th Street, LA, CA 90020

(P) 213-263-1905

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