Kpop Stars Caught on Camera!

Every event we cover, we hope we can get that one, perfect shot of a Kpop celeb…but you know what? Sometimes, we get serveral! And that’s because, most of the time, Kpop stars look flawless, whether they are about to perform onstage, are attending a “meet-and-greet” or leaving L.A.X! Here is a compilation of our best shots of Kpop celebs! Enjoy! ^_^

1) T-ara N4 Visits Vlado Footwear in DTLA

2) SBS Super Concert in L.A. (2012)

Featuring: SNSD, 4Minute, Beast, and CNBlue

Bonus! L.A.X. footage of the stars coming out of the airport! Does this make us stalkers?? T_T

3) Xia Junsu Concert in L.A.

Bonus! More footage from the concert for your viewing pleasure

4) Jay Park Concert Bonus Footage

5) VIXX at Otakon