[Kpop MV Reviews] Vixx’s “Eternity” 60 Second Review!

We started a new segment on our Youtube channel where we do Kpop MV Reviews/Reactions, but tweaked the format a little bit, so that it has that Nutty Nomads flair!

This time, we look at Vixx’s comeback, “Eternity”! Why was it so saddddd!!?? Vixx has really gone to a dark place and is not coming back to the cute/bubbly image anytime soon….but…we’re surprisingly okay with that, since we feel the dark/supernatural image suits them well! Check out what we thought of it!

Now, what do YOU guys think? Did you think the boys are sweet or flat out crazy for pretending their ex-girlfriends are still with them? Why does Hyuk think peek-a-boo is a good idea? What do you hope Vixx’s next MV will be?

Until Next Time ~