Interview with Flashe at the L.A. Korean Festival!

IMG_6910 copyWhile we were taking in all the sights and sounds at the 41st Los Angeles Korean Festival this year, we had the unique opportunity to interview Flashe, a Kpop girl group that came all the way from Korea just to perform at the festival! Before we spoke with the group, we were able to watch their performance. Although they could only sing a few songs before their stage time was over, they definitely owned it! They created a fun atmosphere with their cute personalities and fun dance moves. They did everything from cover other groups to performing their own original songs that showcased both their sweet and sexy sides! IMG_6968 copy

Our interview is short since they didn’t have much time to stay and chat, but we did get an idea of how these ladies feel about their images and where they would like to perform next!


Interview with Flashe:

Nutty Nomads : Is this your first time here in Los Angeles?

Flashe: (All of the girls) Yes!

NN: We saw during your performance tonight that you cover a lot of Kpop songs! Is there a particular song you’d like to cover in the future at another concert?

Flashe (Na Rae):  Next time, we want to sing more familiar songs for the audience such as well known pop songs, so that our group is more recognized globally.

NN: Since this was your first time in Los Angeles, did you get to see anything fun while you were here?

Flashe: (Na Rae) We couldn’t see anything yet! IMG_6825 copy

(Rest of group) Maybe tomorrow!

NN: We noticed that you guys travel a lot to perform! Is there a favorite place you’ve performed outside of Korea?

Flashe (Na Rae): Russia was our favorite so far. We went to Sochi for the Winter Olympics! Our performances in Japan and China were also memorable!

NN: We see that you have a very cute image! Have you ever thought of trying another image?

Flashe (Na Rae): Yes! Our moto is to show as many images as possible, (like sexy or hiphop) and we will definitely show more of these images in near future.

NN: Is there anywhere yet that you wish you could perform that you haven’t gotten to go to yet?

Flashe: (All the girls shout) New York! Times Square!


IMG_6856 copyAs you can see, Flashe is a charming and ambitious group! We hope that they will return to the U.S. for another concert soon! ^_^

We’ll leave you with their latest single, “Hey You”, which they performed at the LA Korean Festival!