Kpop Idols Who Would Totally Rock a Ren Faire!

It’s getting warmer outside, which means (for some of you) that it’s Renaissance Faire season!! You know, Ren Faire (as it’s affectionately called) is an event once a year where history buffs and costume aficionados prance around in fields filled with gallant knights, handmade trinkets and memorable characters from the pages of history! If you have no idea what we’re talking about, check out the Original Renaissance Pleasure Faire’s website for more info and pictures!

As we were wandering around the Original Renaissance Pleasure Faire last weekend, we couldn’t help but think about which Kpop idols would totally rock it if they suddenly appeared in full costume! Granted, many of the outfits we highlight are not historically accurate to the Renaissance period, but neither are a lot of outfits donned at the Ren Faire itself! Everything is “faire” game! So, that being said, here’s our list! Who would you add?

IMG_14681) Yesung, Super Junior (Spam-a-lot Musical)

Sure, he’s starring in a musical and that’s the reason he’s in this particular costume, but we’re sure if he wandered around ye olde local Ren Faire in this outfit, he would have no trouble blending in with the natives! Look, over there! I see a dragon that needs slaying Sir Yesung!




2) Key, Shinee (Three Musketeers Musical)3a008d5d787bca0b3787b13e4fb758a1

Doesn’t Key look super gallant in this outfit? How many Faire ladies would be swooning at the sight of his heroic stance?? If he appeared, believe us, we would be pretending to be in distress all day! Wait, Key! Save us from these evil pirates! Oh…speaking of pirates….





3) 2pm (Lotte Commercial)

Look out! A band of evil, yet crazily attractive, pirates has just landed off shore! Pirates are a classic addition to Ren Faires across the nation. They sing, they dance, they drink; they’re just all around fun guys! Knowing Chansung’s appetite, we hope there would be enough turkey legs to appease his hunger! Hey 2pm, please don’t forget to kidnap us! No, seriously…you guys can kidnap us and hold us for ransom or something…anything…just take us with you!!

4) Junsu, JYJ (Dracula, the Musical) junsu

Who would NOT want to be drained by this beautiful vampire?? If Junsu donned that costume at a Ren Faire, he would have women falling left and right, begging him to entrance them with his magical voice! We’re sure there were Vampires during the Renaissance…right?


12-29_got_75) Got 7 (Dream Knight)

Seven swoon-worthy guys, fighting for your affection, and wearing sexy costumes! Sign us up! If they appeared at a Ren Faire, then they would have the Guild of Ye Olde Hotties all to themselves! Wait, guys, there’s no need to fight! We’ll go out with all of you! Be sure to check out all the episodes of Dream Knight on Dramafever! ^_^



Hope we gave you enough Medieval fantasies to last you for a while! Can we start a petition to get a Ren Faire in Korea??