Kpop DJ’s We’d Like to See Spin!

It’s summer time, and that means, it’s festival time! Summer festivals, like EDC, usually include lots of famous DJ’s who spin tunes for eager partygoers, but who says you won’t run into some of your favorite idols at some these parties!?

1. Rushin’ Justin a.k.a. Dongho (formerly of UKISS)

Rushing’ Justin is the pseudonym for Dongho who used to be in Kpop group, UKISS! He has recently been headlining at various clubs in Korea, showing that he’s serious about this new chapter in his life!









2. Chanyeol (EXO)

Chanyeol from EXO has been spotted DJ-ing around, like at the special Music Bank concert in Hanoi. Once, he was featured in a photo-shoot, modeling as a DJ and even mentioned that he has taken it on as a hobby!









3. CL (2ne1)

During 2ne1’s New Evolution World Tour (2012), CL’s solo stage consisted of her performing a DJ set for excited Blackjacks! She has recently been working closely with DJ/Producer Diplo which makes us wonder if she’ll continue with her interest in the EDM sound!







4. Jonghyun and Key (Shinee)

Sure, they were DJ-ing as part of a mini-concert back in 2013, but Key was also spotted spinning at the special Music Bank in Honoi alongside Chanyeol! Could this be more than a hobby for these two in the future? How about a DJ sub unit? ^_^







5. Jung Il Woo (Actor)

Ok, ok. Jung Il Woo isn’t an idol or a DJ, but he PLAYED a DJ in a Doritos commercial back in 2012! We added him because…why not? Wouldn’t YOU like to see him DJ your epic dance party??







We’re sure there are a lot more Kpop idols who moonlight as DJ’s for lucky club goers in Korea! Which Kpop DJ would you hope to run into one day??