Kpop Coverdance Festival 2015 is Now Open!

11265177_1409678139357747_4772104382244495361_nDo you think you have what it takes to Coverdance with the best of them?? Well, now’s your chance to prove it! Enter into this year’s Kpop Coverdance Festival and show your stuff!

What are some of the prizes?? How about a free trip to Korea, complete with airfare and accommodations as you get ready to compete in the finals in Korea! The top three teams will also have the chance to perform on a special stage at the Hallyu Dream Concert! If that’s not enough, every year, there are special Kpop ambassadors, so…you’ll get the chance to hang out with (and maybe dance with) some of your favorite Kpop stars!

11030534_1409683349357226_7264721901988763220_nThere are three rounds: Round 1 (Online competition), Round 2 (Regional competition) and the Final Round (Korea). In Round 1, competitors will upload video of their routines to the Kpop Coverdance Festival’s official website! After voting is complete, around 20 finalist will be able to move onto Round 2, which will be a live competition to select the lucky representatives who will continue on to compete in the Final Round in Korea! Sound interesting? Then don’t delay! Round 1 is happening now! Good luck to all you hopefuls! Remember, have fun out there! ^_^

For more information, visit Kpop Coverdance Festival’s official page or their Facebook page!

Here’s a video from the participants of the Final Round last year (2014) as they traveled around Korea, took dance classes from noted choreographers and performed at the Hallyu Dream Concert!