Kpop Concert List! 2014

Nothing beats the feeling of finally getting the chance to see your favorite Kpop idols in the flesh! We love going to concerts, and we’re sure you do to, which is why we put together this information for everyone!

So far, this year was great for L.A. as we had KCON 2013, Infinite, Vixx, 2AM, B.A.P., Taeyang (well, San Francisco, but close enough!), K.Will, and the Korean Music Festival! If we’re forgetting any, please remind us!


So, to start off the New Year right, we’re getting some pretty special acts here in L.A.! First, we’ll have UKISS make a stop at Club Nokia on January 14th, 2014. Who wouldn’t love to see “Stop Girl”, “Tick Tack” or “She’s Mine” played live, right in front of your face! For more info, visit Powerhouse‘s site!

Bonus: Ukiss Making of “She’s Mine” MV:


Next, we’ll have CN BLUE performing in Pasadena at the Civic Auditorium on Jan. 24th. We’ve been lucky enough to see these boys perform live and let us tell you, it’s a true ROCK concert! They can really play their instruments, and they’re not afraid to get a little crazy during their shows!  Tickets go on sale on Friday, Dec. 13th, so be sure to grab a pair!


For those of you that like Jpop/Jrock music, here are some concerts in the new year that you will love!


Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is going to perform at Club Nokia on February 16th, 2014! She is adorable and we’ve heard that her stage show is amazing, so be sure to check her out next year! Ticket info:


Also, for you Jrock enthusiasts, One Ok Rock is going to make an appearance at Club Nokia as well on February 7th! Their show promises to be electrifying and aggressive, so don’t say we didn’t warn you!

There you have it! We’ll let you guys know of future concerts that we hear about as we get the info! Enjoy your 2014! ^_^