Kpop Concert Calendar : 2017 Edition!

Check out some of the tours coming to the United States in 2017!


G-Dragon 2017 World Tour Act III M.O.T.T.E. Multiple Cities

G-Dragon is going on a solo world tour! As well as hitting a lot of cities globally, he is also making some stops in America! Check them out!

July 11th – Seattle, Tickets

July 14th – San Jose, Tickets

July 16th – Los Angeles, Tickets

July 19th – Houston, Tickets

July 21st – Chicago, Tickets

July 25th – Miami, Tickets

July 27th – New York, Tickets

VIP Tickets appear to be on-sale at the moment!


JJCC 1st Appearance in the US! – Multiple Cities

JJCC is going to be touring the U.S. for the first time this summer! E.Co will be unable to attend due to his current military service, but they will continue the tour with 5 members. Be sure to catch the boys as they make their way to your city!

Aug. 6th – Chicago

Aug. 8th – Houston

Aug. 10th – Atlanta

Aug. 12th – New Jersey

*Just added! Looks like JJCC will be visiting a couple more cities on their tour! (via @studiopavmnc FB Page!) Venue information to be released shortly ~ Check out below!

Aug. 13th – Mexico City, Mexico

Aug. 16th – Miami

Aug. 18th – San Juan, Puerto Rico

VIP Pre-sale tickets can be purchased on!


Eric NamNew York & Atlanta 

Eric Nam announced he was going to do a solo tour and stop in two U.S. cities in August! Check out the dates below!

Aug. 8th – New York, Tickets

Aug. 12th – Atlanta, Tickets

Tickets are currently sold out, but they are talking about adding more VIP tickets so hang tight!




Seventeen 1st World Tour 2017Multiple Cities

Pleadis just announced Seventeen’s 1st World Tour, and it looks like the U.S. has a couple of stops! We’re not sure yet as to who is involved production-wise, but we will update as soon as we know!

*Update! My Music Taste has been revealed as the company who will take the reigns during the American leg of their tour!

Aug. 18th – Chicago, Tickets

Aug. 23rd – Dallas, Tickets

Aug. 27th – New York, Tickets


JYP LIVE – Los Angeles/Temecula CA

JYP is heading to California to perform for two nights at the Pechanga Resort and Casino in Temecula, CA! Tickets range from $80-$300 and can be purchased here.

Aug. 25th – Pechanga Resort and Casino, Tickets

Aug. 26th – Pechanga Resort and Casino, Tickets


Taeyang 2017 World Tour “White Night”Multiple Cities

Taeyang is gearing up to tour 8 cities in North America in August and September of this year! Check out where he’s stopping below. ⬇️

Aug. 30th – Toronto, Tickets

Sept. 1st – New York, Tickets

Sept. 3rd – Chicago, Tickets

Sept. 6th – Atlanta, Tickets

Sept. 8th – Dallas, Tickets

Sept. 10th – San Jose, Tickets

Sept. 13th – Los Angeles, Tickets

Sept. 15th – Vancouver, Tickets

Head over to for more updated information! Ticket info coming soon!


VX & M.FECT ShowKase Tour 2017Multiple Cities

K-pop rookie group, M.Fect, will also be joined by group, VX and will tour various cities in the United States!

Their updated tour dates are as follows ~

Sept. 2nd – New York

Sept. 3rd – DC Area

Sept. 5th – Atlanta

Sept. 6th – Miami

Sept. 7th – Dallas

Sept. 9th – Chicago

Stay tuned for more information!


Wild KARD 2017 The First Tour in America Pt. 2Multiple Cities

K.A.R.D. is heading back to finish what they started! If you missed them on their initial U.S. tour, now’s your second chance! With the addition of some new cities, J.Seph, B.M, Jeon Ji Woo and Jeon So are ready to make sure you’ll definitely “recall” their show! Dates and cities below!

Sept. 15th – Minneapolis

Sept. 17th – Washington, D.C.

Sept. 20th – New York

Sept. 22nd – Miami

Oct. 8th – San Francisco

Be sure to check out for updates and ticket info!



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