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If you haven’t found Chungsil Hongsil on your own yet, you really should thank us for introducing you to the gem in Ktown! We really like Korean dumplings (mandu) in all it’s forms: small, king-size, filled with kimchi or pork, you name it! The menu at first glance looks really simple, but that’s a good thing! It means they found their staple items and are sticking to them, perfecting the dishes over and over. Don’t believe us? Apparently, patrons are known for ordering trays upon trays of their signature steamed dumplings (up to 10 for just one table!).


Photo Credit: https://www.instagram.com/watasiwahyo/

There’s also another little known secret about this particular restaurant…it’s owned and operated by Hyoyeon’s Mama! Of course, we’re speaking of THE Hyoyeon from K-pop super-girl group Girl’s Generation! If you head over, you’ll notice a lot of SNSD collectables around the restaurant!

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Check out our video below and try not to drool too much! ^_^

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