Korean Entertainment Gets a Bump from Improved Relations With China

It looks like the Hallyu Wave will finally get back to breaking on Chinese shores as the “Hallyu Ban” is slowly being dismantled. The pleasant announcement came just before Halloween, and we’re already seeing some promising progress.

Promotional Shot for joint production, “My Goddess, My Mother”

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in China specifically stated about the current ban on Korean products that they have agreed to “promote the development of strategic partnership with Korea and to restore exchange and cooperation…as soon as possible”. China’s biggest distributors of Korean dramas are gearing up to start importing popular shows again, which have been sorely missed since Korean dramas receive so much love from Chinese fans. Korean entertainment companies know that, and rely heavily on the Chinese market for a large chunk of their expected distribution revenue. A sign that the chilly atmosphere has begun to thaw is the new revelation that “My Goddess, My Mother”, a Chinese/Korean joint drama project, featuring Korean actress Lee Da-hae finally has an air date for 2018 after being shelved indefinitely when filming was completed last year.

Mamamoo circa 2016

K-pop group Mamamoo also broke some of the ice by performing live during a Chinese broadcast without being blocked last week. Duty free shopping is currently gearing up for a return as Lotte Shopping Co. and Hotel Shilla Co. already see some improvement in their numbers. Tourism is also on track to return to the status quo, though South Korean experts don’t think there will be much change until after the slow winter season is finished, but hope to see an increase in travel during the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics.

We can practically hear the Korean entertainment creators letting out a huge collective sigh of relief as they can finally move on from the uncertainty that they had felt for the future of the Hallyu Wave in Asia and get back to business. 


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