KOCCA SURVEY 2016: K-Variety!

KOCCA has been accumulating and tallying all of your input on Korean entertainment, including past survey’s for K-pop and K-dramas. Now, it’s time for the last round of surveys! What’s the subject? One of our favorites! Korean variety shows are extremely entertaining. How can you not laugh when Lee Gwangsu “betrays” everyone yet AGAIN on “Running Man”? Or cry when “Sister’s Slam Dunk” helps rapper Jessi reunite with her parents after years of being apart? Korean variety shows are essential to the Korean entertainment platform, and we KNOW you have opinions about them!


Now’s your chance to fill out one of KOCCA’s K-Variety Survey‘s and help shape how we as Americans can view and participate in Korean entertainment! Just fill out the survey by Sun, November 27th (11/27) and you’ll be automatically entered to win a $100 gift card! Good luck!


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