KOCCA Kpop Survey Sweepstakes!

As you may have already seen, we are helping promote KOCCA’s 2016 series of surveys. Why are we doing this? Well, in short, we think it’s really important. These surveys are conducted annually, and the information that KOCCA collects gets distributed to Korean companies looking to expand abroad (here!). So, in a sense, YOU have the power to let Korean entertainment companies know what you watch and listen to the most and how you plan on doing so, influencing their decisions when they start creating a business strategy!

Let them know that you want more access to Korean entertainment in the U.S.! Take five minutes to fill out the survey and get your voices heard! They need to know that there is an audience here in order to take the U.S. market seriously, and you’re helping! Also, as an added bonus, you are automatically entered to win a $100 gift card! It’s definitely a win-win so what are you waiting for? This round is open from 10/31-11/13!



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