Kevin Woo Leaves UKISS

Slowly, our era of K-pop is fading away. When we got into K-pop, Ukiss was a popular staple, a group we never really thought would change and would stand the test of time. Seems there’s always a breaking point, and yesterday, it was announced that Kevin would no longer be promoting with Ukiss after 9 years.

Kevin during Ukiss’ U.S. Tour in 2014

There have been a lot of changes with this group in the past, with the departure of Alexander and Kibum in 2011, Dongho in 2013 and AJ in 2016 and the addition Jun in 2014, and Eli’s current status as a husband and father, but it seemed like Ukiss’ longevity was never in question. Now, it seems uncertain, though NH Media states that the group will continue to promote as five members, we wonder how long the group can handle the loss of one of it’s founding members.

Kevin’s social media has been pretty quite on the issue, but his last post on Feb. 25th seemed to be revealing his thoughts on the impending departure. 👇

We wish Kevin luck and hope he finds happiness in whatever venture he pursues next!






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