#KCONTIPS to Help You Survive #KCON2013!


Feel like you still need some help getting ready for KCON this year? Fear not! We’ve got you covered! We’ve been tweeting some helpful hints for those of you that think they need some more advice! Here are some of our tips, in no particular order! Feel free to print this out and bring it with you, share it with your friends who are going, or just read it to amuse yourself!


  • Keep your eyes open and look out for us! We might have lots of #free #goodies to hand out this year! ~_~ #KCONTIPS
  • Don’t forget your #phone chargers!! You’ve got the powaaaarrr! ^_^#KCONTIPS
  • Be vigilant! You’re still in #DTLA! Have fun, but don’t forget to keep a look out and make good choices! #thanksmom#paranoia#KCONTIPS 
  • Bring a sweater! It gets very cool here at night and you don’t want to be stuck shivering and sad! #KCONTIPS

  • Bring extra camera batteries!! It might sound silly, but trust us, your camera will NOT leave your hand! #KCONTIPS
  • If you think you’ll get the chance for an #autograph, bring your own #sharpie! Don’t kick yourself for not being prepared!! #KCONTIPS
  • Pick a designated #meeting spot in case you get separated chasing your #idols! The venue is big and cell service can be spotty…#KCONTIPS
  • Bring some #cash for the #Foodtrucks! You’ll get hungry at some point, and debit/credit is not always an option! #dollarbillsyall #KCONTIPS
  • Be sure to stay HYDRATED and calm! Last year we saw some ladies pass out from the heat during fan signings! #KCONTIPS
  • Stop by as MANY #vendor #booths as possible! Lots of them have #free #swag up for grabs! Claim your swag!! #KCONTIPS
Phew! Lots of stuff to remember, huh? Well, we will be adding to this list all the way up until KCON starts, so refer back to our hashtag, #KCONTIPS for more helpful info! ^_^