KCON 2015: Coast to Coast (NYC AND LA!)

10460920_993923677305528_7623675922955443124_nBig news today, American Kpop fans! Looks like KCON 2015 is expanding to include NYC as a stop! Well, close enough! On August 8th, K-coners will be able to attend the huge convention at the Newark Prudential Center, in New Jersey! The extravaganza is set to include fun panels, activities, delicious foods and of course, an epic concert to end it on the right note! More info on the event will be available soon!

Of course, the Los Angeles KCON will also be happening…in a BIG way! This year, KCON has expanded to 3 days (July 31st-Aug. 2nd)! That’s 3 DAYS of hanging out with friends, dancing to your favorite Kpop songs, eating delicious food, listening to fun and informative panels, and of course, going hoarse from screaming for your bias at the nightly concerts! Yes, we said CONCERTS, because there are going to be TWO! ^_^

If you hadn’t already heard, KCON also took its show to Japan on April 22nd, where Kpop acts like Sistar, Boyfriend, Got 7, Infinite, Block B and others graced the stage! Who knows, maybe if we’re really nice and tweet like crazy, KCON might bring some of those artists here for #KCON2015??

Who would you like to see this year?? Make yourselves heard! Tune into the fun live chats as well where Hoon and Vanessa dish all the latest news FIRST!

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